YES! Sports Star & Conservative Hero ALL IN For Trump…Drops EPIC Rant!

Let’s face it, endorsements by sports celebrities don’t usually make much difference.

After all, what do I care if a guy who swings a bat or makes open field tackles has deeply held convictions about monetary price controls or our strategic alliance with Djibouti?

Now if that same guy wants to Make America Great Again…and he is a legend in a key region…and he got fired for speaking up for traditional values and our country…then I am interested!

Enter Baseball legend Curt Shilling, who not only just endorsed Donald Trump, but went on one of the most articulate, funny and devastatingly accurate rants we have heard in a long time. First, the endorsement…

I realized very quickly this was a man decisive in action and confident in his ability.

I also realized that regardless of his net worth, he worked his ass off. He didn’t have time for 8 hours sleep each night, too much to be done.

He goes on to give many reasons for supporting Trump which are all worth your time. Then he turns to the Democrats, the media and our culture. This is the part you REALLY have to read. A sample…

You would honest to God have the public believe that one of the most evil, despicable corrupt lying phonies ever to walk this earth, should be the democratic nominee for the highest position in this land.

The ONLY reason I wanted to see Mrs Fiorina, or Mrs Palin, or Condolezza Rice involved was to finally have this nation see what a true woman who can lead looks and sounds like on the same stage.

You’ve made folks believe a woman who helped destroy the lives of the women her husband assaulted and was accused of rape by, is actually a champion of women’s rights.

Treat yourself. Read the whole thing here.


Source: Kurt Shilling’s BLOG

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