WHOA! You Will Be Shocked Who Just PASSIONATELY Defended Gun Rights [LISTEN]

When you think about stalwart supporters of the 2nd Amendment, this might be the last person you would think of.

But in a recent episode of his show, he expressed his open support for citizens to own and operate guns.

His poses a convincing argument.  Despite the ubiquity of police officers, they’re not everywhere.  And you can call a cop as a crime is happening.

According to shock jock Howard Stern, a handgun is the great “equalizer” the factor that will determine whether a person lives or dies, if they’re confronted with dangerous criminals.

He said that he was “nervous” about Clinton’s stance on guns because, “I believe the Second Amendment issue is one of the most important. I think every citizen needs the right to be armed.”

He expanded on his position by saying “the great equalizer is the pistol, semi-automatic weapon, or revolver”:

The caller was from Wyoming, and said he lived in a rural area, “15 to 20 minutes from the closest sheriff ever getting to my house.”

Stern used this as more reason for his strong support: “The police can’t be everywhere. I know gun violence is horrible and guns get in the wrong hands. I’m all for a national registration and things like that, but at the same point, I don’t know how else, if all the guns were gone, how else would you defend yourself against a thug with a baseball bat?”

It’s an amazing piece of audio.  Something that just might convince many of his left-wing listeners to rethink their stance on gun control.

The video is worth listening to.  Go ahead and share it with your friends on social media.  Believe it or not, it’s encouraging.

Source: Louder With Crowder

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