Shock Report: You Won’t Believe Who Is Arming Up…It’s All Trump’s Fault!

The last thing we need is more evidence that the world turned upside down in 2016, but here goes.

Remember when the left discovered a “strange new respect” for patriotism after the election of George W. Bush? They never stopped shouting that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” for eight years — but then when conservatives dared to criticize his successor Barack Obama, well, that was different. “Dissent” was now “racist,” they declared.

However, when it comes to liberals suddenly adopting traditionally “right wing” causes, this next one is the most shocking example ever:

But since Republican Donald Trump, who was endorsed by the National Rifle Association and supports gun rights, won the White House in November, gun shops anticipated sales would taper off. Shares in major gun companies fell, anticipating a slowdown.

Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case: On Black Friday this year, NICB processed a record 185,713 background checks — the most ever on a single day in the 20 years the system has existed.

And some of those gun buyers are what the industry calls “non-traditional.” Namely, minorities, gay people and self-described liberals.

Don’t be too excited, though. Many of these new gun owners say they’ve been prompted to go over to the “dark side” by fears of increasing “hate crimes.” Of course, these “hate crimes” turn out time and again to be hoaxes designed to pin Trump and his supporters with the “racist” label.

But who knows: maybe gun ownership will give these liberals a newfound respect for the Second Amendment, and the Constitution itself. They might meet more conservative Americans in their travels and learn that they aren’t all KKK members.

While their reasons for buying guns may seem silly, that doesn’t mean this won’t be a kind of “gateway” into embracing more traditional values down the line.

Source: McClatchy DC

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